Providing Cost Effective
Security Services
Welcome to Chiraayu one of the leading providers of proven security and support solutions to the customers. Whether it’s security in an office building or a customer service representative/receptionist you are looking for, Chiraayu security Services has the right security officer,

Our commitment to you is the strategic design and seamless execution of innovative, state of the art security systems that are delivered within budget and agreed timelines. The result is the provision of world class protection, and ground breaking solutions.

Why Partner with Chiraayu : Chiraayu facility & security services currently holds PASARA , progressing towards achieving formal accredit ion, certification for the provision of security Guarding and door Supervision…..Chiraayu encourages to improve employees skills through ongoing customized in-house and external training program me’s.

Security officer

  • We have a strong network of people committed to their respective services. Civil activities, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting and polishing, and many more related to the construction industry.
  • We also specialize in refurbishing, renovations, civil extensions and restoring your assets. These have also been the core activity of the company.
Why Choose Us
Chiraayu Facility Features
  • Technical Security Surveys & Audits
  • Best CCTV System
  • As per your budget
  • Skilled Man power
  • Dog Squad
  • AMC maintance
  • Home Security
  • Escort  and personal body guards
  • Armed Officers
What We Offers
Facility Services
We at Chiraayu have under our umbrella an array of services to choose from. Be it personal security to high end armed security. Corporate Security Services, Office Security, Monitoring services, Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm systems, CCTV, etc.
Parking area management
Driver services
House Keeping
Labour Supply
On Call Service
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The Security Leaders
Our Team
Having vast experience and adequate knowledge in Security & Facility services Chiraayu has been a force to reckon over the past few years of its inception. An outstanding blend of personnel from various retired armed forces has helped Chiraayu grow from strength to strength. We at Chiraayu understand your needs and provide apt facilities affordably.
Mandappa CA
Managing Director
Lokesh GD

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